English Comedian of the Year 2014

Since 2006 Alan Anderson of Ha Ha Comedy has been running the annual Scottish Comedian of the Year competition. It has grown to become one of the most prestigious comedy competitions in the UK. With over 700 Glaswegians attending the final, as well as sold out semi finals and heats garnering audiences up to 200 each, it is certainly the best attended comedy competition in the UK.

In 2009 the first English Comedian of the Year competition was launched. On St George’s day in London’s Leicester Square Theatre Matthew Osborn was crowned the winner.

The final also featured Doc Brown, Nick Wilty, Andrew Watts, Luke McQueen and Joel Dommett.

The 2nd year’s competition in 2010 got off to a bad start with Alan getting stranded in a snow filled Scottish glen for a week, more bad weather, hospitalisation, stranded by an ash cloud and the birth of his first child scuppered completion of the first round of competition and it was put to sleep.

Now, four years later, in what will be a very significant year for relations between Scotland and England, it is time to resurrect the English comedy beast, as well as the inaugural Australian Comedian of the Year competition, which will take place during Adelaide Fringe 2014.

On Monday 7th July 2014, in the middle of the football world cup and on the same day the Tour De France visits Buckingham Palace, the 2014 English comedian of the Year will be crowned at London’s Underbelly Southbank.

He or she will win:

£1500 and a trip to Australia’s Adelaide Fringe in Feb 2015

The likelihood is that there will also be a one off 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show featuring the Scottish, English and Australian Comedians of the Year.

Plus maybe a tour.

But we’ll finalise all that nearer the time.

In the meantime… Who can enter?

English Comedian of the Year is NOT a new act competition… It is open to all English comedians*, no matter how experienced or high profile, who have been gigging regularly for more than 1 year from 31st December 2013.

*You must fulfil the following criteria:


1. Born in England.

2. Raised in England.

3. You have at least one English Grandparent.

4. You have lived in England for minimum of 3 years.


You must have been performing comedy for a minimum of 1 year.


You are funny.


You provide us with a link to a youtube / vimeo or similar of you performing a comedy routine for a minimum of 5 minutes.


You accept that we can tweak the rules a tiny wee bit up as we go along 😉

To enter English Comedian of the year please complete this form: