Enter English Comedian of the Year 2017

Look at the faces above. Without doubt that is the strongest line up of any comedy competition final ever. Have you got what it takes to make it to the final of English Comedian of the Year 2017… Are you funnier that even one of these guys? Do you want to win a trip to Australia?

Also, do you want to actually earn money at the Edinburgh Fringe? This year will having a Best of English Comedian of the Year show. The Scottish version has been running for years, sells out and helps former finalists showcase their wares for their solo shows.

So, what’s the deal?

The winner gets:

£1000* and a trip to perform for 2 months at the Australian fringe festivals in Perth and Adelaide… where they will earn a bucket load of foreign currency worth double Sterling!

Heats will take place nationwide from February to May. Semis in June and as per usual the final will be in London in July.

How to enter

Simply fill in this form https://goo.gl/forms/3SYhp49fVPB9ke4g1

*Sorry Brexit fucked the budget. Blame your parents generation for being dumb. If the pound improves between now and June it might increase.

Josh Pugh won English Comedian of the Year 2016

We completely forgot to update this site that Josh Pugh won a very very competitive final back in July. The youngster has won ever single competition he has entered in 2016 and by winning the big one gets a trip to Australia.

Veteran comedians Nick Page and Eddy Brimson came 2nd and 3rd, ahead of a line up filled with some of the best circuit headliners in the UK.

M.C. Andrew Maxwell with the finalists