The winner of English Comedian of the Year 2015 will be announced at the final on Monday 13th July 2015 at Underbelly Southbank, London.

At the final the winner will be decided by a panel of industry experts.

The final will feature ten finalists.

There will be four semi finals across England. The top two acts – as decided by audience vote – from each semi final will proceed to the final. Two places in the final will be decided by judges wild card.

Heats will be held across England. The top two acts – as decided by audience vote – from each heat  will proceed to the semi finals. At their discretion the event organisers may also put wild card entrants through from heat to semi final.

In the event that the number of entrants requires more than  fifteen heats an addition round of quarter finals will be added.

Heats will consist of between 8 – 12 competitors.

Competitors have a maximum of 7 minutes in the heats and 10 minutes in the semi finals and final.

Competitors using racist, sexist or down right offensive material will be disqualified.

Competitors who are found to be using material which is not their own will be disqualified.

We will do our best to give everyone who enters a place in the competition. However entrants MUST supply a youtube or similar of them performing 5 minutes of stand up comedy. Acts deemed to be of not high enough calibre will not be offered a spot.

The number of heats will be decided once we know how many comedians have entered.

Entry will close on 1st May 2015. However if we are inundated with entries prior to that date, we may close entries at a point where we think we can not fairly accommodate extra entrants.

We will be as flexible and accommodating as possible (within reason) to ensure entrants get their choice of heat / semi.

The organisers / judges decision(s) is/are final.

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